How Did YOUR Congressman Vote?

by Steve Ray on March 22, 2010

stupak obamaYou might want to check on how your congressman voted on the Health-care bill (the Senate bill which passed the House last night).

Remember how they voted as you prepare for the elections in November!

And remember that the Stupak (picture of the crony Stupak making his pro-abort boss smile big) compromise is a phony compromise which will almost certainly be overturned by the courts, thus allowing our tax money to pay for abortions (and all the other bad policies in this bill).

He was playing games and grandstanding and now he needs to pay for his betrayal.

This link shows how our congressmen voted:

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Pete March 22, 2010 at 7:08 PM

Waking early this morning I emailed Mr. Stupak and advised him I would be contributing to his opponent’s campaign. I don’t care who his opponent is. It could be Gollum for all I care. But Stupak and his ilk need to be gone from the Congress come 11/3/10. I live in Florida, but I am happy to help the people of Michigan rid themselves of a lying, snivelling, snot nosed turn coat.

Bye bye, Bartie, we won’t miss you no! I don’t know if Bartie is a Catholic, but if he is, I hope his Bishop has the cajones to bar him from Eucharistic Communion.

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