Catholic Answers Live in Monday

by Steve Ray on March 15, 2010

IMG_1854On Monday I had a BLAST answering questions from non-Catholics on Catholic Answers Live. the host Patrick Coffin said it was one of the fasted segments he has ever done! I agree!

MP3 Link to the show in the audio archive.

I love these shows since they are always lively and heartfelt. Questioners always have great questions.

Questions I answered tonight on Catholic Answers Live:
– I don’t deny the existence of God but how can we consider God to exist and be loving with the problems and suffering in the world?
– Is there ever a time with the “sense of the faithful” (sensus fidelium) could effect the Church’s stand on women’s ordination?
– As am probably an agnostic, how do you think we initially come to truth [philosophically]? Where do we begin to know truth exists and how to understand it if it does?
– Why do Catholics pray to entities other than God himself?
– How can you say God is loving when he commanded the annihilation of whole nations and has the curse of a father go on to the fifth generation?
– I believe the Pope is the anti-Christ and the Church the Whore of Babylon; where do you draw the line to where you consider someone an “anti-Catholic”?
– You Catholics believe you are saved by works?
– Please explain where you find Purgatory in the Bible?

Click here for instant listening. For more info, to listen on-line, or to find listening options after the fact, click here. You can listen to all my past Questions from Non-Catholics I’ve done, along with all my other 50+ appearances on Catholic Answers Live you can do a search on their Radio Archive page.

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Marilyn Farneman March 16, 2010 at 2:03 PM

Good job Steve! Patrick Coffin’s voice sounds like Patrick Madrid’s. Good callers too.

Ray Ramirez March 18, 2010 at 5:46 PM

I have truly come to enjoy the apologetics of our faith – the explanations. As a Veterinary Doctor, I often tell my clients that my job is to go to these medical conferences where we Doctors talk in $64 words (or is that now $1,000,000 thanks to Who wants to be a Millionaire, but I digress) and then I have to translate them into explanations for my clients to understand.

Steve, you are truly gifted in that aspect, taking the biblical and theological and Catechism truth, and explaining it in a way we all get to understand.

How do we learn how to do this ourselves?

I know for myself, while listening to something is very good, and I do remember a lot of it, the forced/ encouraged opportunity to explain this myself will and does help me to remember it much better.

I do this with my children in the domestic church, but I think God is asking me to extend my nets into the deep. I do not think he is calling me away from my job (yet – St Luke pray for me) but ideas from other fellow bloggers?

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