My Friend the Bishop – with One Kidney!

by Steve Ray on March 14, 2010


Msgr. Seitz in the middle next to me

screen-captureNew US bishop donated kidney to parishioner

CATHOLIC CULTURE.ORG: A parish priest who recently donated a kidney to a parishioner has been named an auxiliary bishop.

“It’s been a tremendously rewarding experience,” said Msgr. Mark Seitz, one of two newly-appointed Dallas auxiliary bishops, and “a way God has given me to feel closer to the Lord that I serve that didn’t only give a kidney, but his whole life.”

Janet and I had a wonderful time at Msgr. Mark Seitz’s parish mission at St. Rita’s Catholic Church in Dallas Texas from Feb. 28-March 1, 2010. I was able to spend a time with Msgr. Seitz including a dinner with a few of his staff. He was amazingly approachable, humble, spiritual and intelligent. He has a quiet passion for Our Lord, meaning he is not a showoff or pretentious. He is a wonderful man who is an example of what a priest (and now bishop) should be.

He built this memorial to stillborn and miscarried babies

Msgr. Seitz's memorial to stillborn & miscarried babies

He learned of his new appointment while I was there two weeks ago but said nothing. He was too humble and probably waiting until the diocese made the announcement. We did talk about how he shared a kidney with a parishioner. I asked, “And it wasn’t even a relative?” He responded, “All of the parishioners are my relatives — we are members of the family of God together.”

Being with Msgr. Mark Seitz for a few days, and seeing the people he has hired and gathered around him — especially Susan Sheetz as Coordinator of Religious Education and converted Episcopalian priest Joshua Whitfield as DRE — I can tell you that Dallas is blessed! Pope Benedict is being very careful who he appoints as bishops and I commend him for this appointment!

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