The Pope, the Devil & the Death Cookie

by Steve Ray on March 6, 2010

screen-capture-1Believe it or not but there is a Protestant “Gospel Tract” out there that says the Eucharist is a “death cookie” that was the result of conspiring between the Devil and the Pope to deceive and send Catholics to hell.

It is a Chick tract. I am embarrassed to say that I used to hand these tracts out when I was a teenager (blushing with shame).

Recently, Jonathan Harcher, pastor of Conner Heights Baptist Church in Pigeon Forge Tennessee was handing out Chick tracts at the Pigeon Forge High School in the diocese of Knoxville.

Despite admitting he knew little about the Catholic Faith, Hatcher felt confident that publisher Chick Publications was spreading the gospel.

You can read the article about how the good bishop of Knoxville TN — Bishop Richard Stika — confronted the situation with disgust and public criticism — and rightfully so!

To read the whole stupid Chick tract (for a good laugh), click here. You can read more about Chick and his uninformed and inflammatory tracts here.

Funny thing! I am currently in Tennessee talking about the EUCHARIST this weekend. Wish I had time to visit “Pastor” Harcher” — now famous for his ignorance and bigotry.

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Doug Sirman March 7, 2010 at 12:06 PM

“God, I thank thee that I am not as other men are, idiots, ignorant, or even as this bigot.”

STEVE RAY HERE: I’m glad you’re not too Doug. The fewer idiots the better. By the way, your implication that one should not point out bigotry an d ignorance is itself misinformed.

Brother Ed March 14, 2010 at 11:52 PM

“Pastor” Harcher’s statement that he “doesn’t know the Catholic Faith” is one that many Fundamentalists such as this man could make. I, too, passed out numbers of these disgusting little tracts when I was a Fundamentalist, and I honestly believed everything they are teaching. Jack Chick has no idea what a deep hole he has dug for himself with the lies and deceptions he teaches about the Church that Jesus founded upon the Rock of St. Peter.

Quite frankly, this is an area in which I need some grace. I have a hard time having irenic feelings about men such as this “pastor” who not only kept me out of the Lord’s Church for many years by their lies, but who, through their distorted preaching, brought a great deal of sorrow to my family. I have children who want nothing to do with the Christian Faith at all because of how they saw it presented in Fundamentalism. I could give you many stories of the hurt that these heretics cause people with the nonesense they preach and try to pass off as “the Gospel”.

One last story — I remember driving through West Virginia many years ago on a Sunday and hearing some Tennessee Windsucker exclaiming between weezey breaths — “Ah’m not an edjeecated man (yes, he spoke just like that!). Ahhhhh don’t know a lot. But ahhhh jest want to preach about Jaaaaayzuz!)

Lord have mercy!!!!

TheL1985 June 17, 2020 at 1:19 AM

As an ex-Carholic, the one that gets me the most is when “IHS,” from “In hoc signum vinces,” is reimagined as having stood for “Isis, Horus, and Set.” Like, how many hosts have THAT on them? I can’t remember a single one. The chi rho is way more common damn-near everywhere in the Catholic church than IHS.

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