Notice how Muslims Work; Take Note America!

by Steve Ray on February 16, 2010

Read the two articles below and realize this is not just an Iraqi or Pakistani phenomenon. Islam acts the same in any country in which is has the opportunity, the freedom or the majority. Wake up America! Wake up Europe! Wake up Catholic Church! Wake up world!

Read my article PREPARE FOR THE SKYLINE OF THE FUTURE and this video from Muslim dominated Dearborn Michigan.

Organized violence driving Iraqi Christians out of Mosul
In Mosul, Iraq, two Christian merchants have been killed this week, one wounded, and a fourth taken hostage by kidnappers demanding a heavy ransom. The violence against the Christian minority, carried out by organized armed gangs, continues unabated. Iraqi Christians have complained repeatedly about the failure of police to respond to the campaign of violence and intimidation. The attacks are having the desired effect: driving more and more Christians out of Mosul.

Pakistan: Muslims burn down Catholic home, police ignore incident
Three Muslim brothers in the eastern Pakistani village of Shadokey burned down the house of a Catholic family after Walayat Masih, the father of the family, refused to sell them the home. The Muslim brothers demanded that Masih and his family “convert to Islam.” Instead of investigating the incident, local police threatened the family as well.

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