Dubai Part II: My 1st Run, Talks & Meet the People

by Steve Ray on February 7, 2010

screen-capture-9Video No. 2 from Dubai. Here you can see it from the ground as I run 5 miles, then I take you to the conferences and you can see bits of my talks — and JANET’S talk!

You will also see these wonderful Catholic people. In the Arab Emirates there are on 17% local people, the Arabs who are from these kingdoms, the remaining 83% are foreign workers, many of who come from India and the Philippines — large numbers of Catholics.

The Vicariate of Arabia is the largest diocese in the world and the bishop is in charge of 3.9 million Catholics in the UAE, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.

I am speaking at all the churches in the United Arab Emirates and each parish is drawing thousands of Catholics all hungry to learn the faith better and learn how to defend it because there are many sects here who are luring Catholics away.

I will soon put up the video from Abu Dhabi where I gave two talks to 2,000 people and ran around the area. Then tonight I speak in Al Ain and then to Fujaira before speaking again in Dubai. Stay tuned! (A sample of the many comments, below.)

Dear Steve & Janet

Its me again and I was up your blog today and found this very beautifully said short msg..

Attended St. Mary’s talks on Wed and THU and really want to say, this Apologetics seminar was  an important milestone in our faith life…. never before we heard someone telling us how powerful a church we were… told Fr. Varghese that we need to have it once a year or more often.

Hearts are overflowing with gratitude….. started reading your book. Must get it autographed on Wed..

Started getting Noah our 11 year old son into memorizing Scripture at a generous 1 Dh per verse… (started with John 3:16).  That was a wonderful msg / tip for all parents. Thanks so much!!!

God bless

Wilfred and May Franco

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Jaime DeMelo February 11, 2010 at 6:46 AM

Dear Steve and Janet,
I thank God for your presence in Dubai the last two weeks. It was also nice to have someone in Dubai from the Midwest as I lived in Minnesota for 19 years before moving to Dubai. Originally from Goa, India. My faith was definitely strengthened and I’m more catholic than ever before. I’m a catechist..teaching confirmation class. I will transmit your messages to the teenagers of Dubai. I remember reading the bible for the first time as a teenager..encouraged by a Protestant radio programme. The first thing that happened as a result was that I started to question all the things that Catholics did. No one could answer my questions then..not even the priests. I strayed from the Catholic church and from faith in Christ as an adult but then God brought me back(a la the prodigal son story) to Christ and thanks to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, back to the Catholic faith and have not looked back since. Your messages have firmly rooted me in my church now. I have never been more proud to be catholic. I’ve taken lots of notes and will be making good use of them whenever I get a chance and as the Spirit leads me. God bless you guys. Jaime

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