Many Catholic Colleges Damage the Faith of Students

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2010

See the news item below. No surprise to me! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that skeptical professors who dismiss the truth and have exchanged Catholic teaching for secular rubbish are causing students to doubt and leave the Catholic faith. They ought to stop calling themselves Catholics and their institutions “Catholic” and admit that they have abandoned the faith and become secular skeptics.

The good Catholic colleges and universities like Stuebenville, Thomas Aquinas, Ave Maria and others are doing a GOOD job and their students are growing and abounding, but some “Catholic” colleges have abandoned the faith and do much damage to the souls of their students.

Catholic colleges weakening students’ faith, new study finds
Catholic students who attend Catholic colleges and universities in the US are more likely to move away from the faith than to deepen their commitment, a new study shows.

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