Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where Is Obama’s “Transparency”?

by Steve Ray on January 7, 2010

TV network challenges Obama to allow broadcast of health-reform negotiations

The C-SPAN television network, which regularly broadcasts debates in the US Congress, has challenged President Obama and the House and Senate majority leaders to allow television coverage of the negotiations that will produce a new health-care reform bill. Because the House and Senate passed different bills, the ordinary legislative process would call for a joint conference committee to reconcile the differences. But Democratic party leaders plan to circumvent that process, avoiding public scrutiny by introducing new bills in both houses. Brian Lamb of C-SPAN reminded President Obama that he had frequently “talked about the value of transparent discussions on reforming the nation’s health-care system.”


Europe is Looking Muslim

by Steve Ray on January 7, 2010

imagesCzech cardinal warns: Muslims are conquering Europe

Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, who has served as Archbishop of Prague since 1991, has warned in an interview that “if Europe doesn’t change its relation to its own roots, it will be Islamized.”

Check out my blog “Prepare for the Skyline of the Future.” Do you see the minarets yet?