Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bravo Bishops! Bravo Majority of Americans!

by Steve Ray on December 23, 2009

US bishops: Oppose Senate health care legislation until moral deficiencies are addressed

Denouncing current Senate health care legislation as deficient because it provides federal funding for abortions and leaves Catholic hospitals and physicians bereft of conscience protection, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops emphasized in a December 22 letter that “until these fundamental flaws are remedied the bill should be opposed.”

Poll shows heavy opposition to health-care bill, especially abortion funding

A new poll by Quinnipiac University has found that Americans “mostly disapprove” of the pending health-care reform bill by a substantial margin, and an overwhelming majority rejects the idea of public subsidies for abortion. The poll showed a 53- 36% margin against the legislation as a whole, and a much larger 72- 23% split against the use of public funds to pay for abortion.

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Recommended Book for Next Christmas …

by Steve Ray on December 23, 2009

image002 … but get it now :-)  A friend named Cheri who joined us on our November pilgrimage to the Holy Land highly recommended this book. Her kids loved it — and so did she. Here is her recommendation:

I just had to share this awesome book with you that a friend recommended and I have been reading to my son.  It’s called “Destination Bethlehem”.   You are supposed to read a chapter a night during advent season.

It’s a fictional story of a family traveling to Bethlehem for the census and meets up with a lot of the biblical characters.  It also has maps and travel guides to the past.   It has been so awesome to read since just coming back from all these places we have just traveled.  For more information check out the website here.