Monday, December 21, 2009

Discussing the Nativity On Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on December 21, 2009

I was the guest on Catholic Answers Live Monday and Tuesday (repeat show) talking about the Nativity. The RealAudio link to the archived show is here and MP3 is here. Click here for other listening options.

We began the show discussing what it was like for Mary and Joseph two thousand years ago, how the Gospel writers acquired their information and the difference between the gospel accounts of the nativity:

Questions I answered:

1 – What is your opinion of a Mass in which Santa Clause appears to bow at the Nativity scene?
2 – Where do we get the idea there were three wise men?
3 – Don’t you think it’s a good idea for kids to see Santa at Mass?
4 – How did the Church choose December 25 for Christmas day?
5 – What was the status of shepherds in the 1st century and their place in the story?
6 – Did the birth of Christ take place in a stable or a cave?

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