Running (& Biking) 1000 Miles Each This Year

by Steve Ray on December 19, 2009

I turn 55 years old on December 29, 2009. So exercising and a good diet are no longer an option. If I am going to be a good husband, dad and grandpa; if I am going to continue having unbounding energy and enthusiasm to serve the Lord and his Church — I HAVE to do it.

So, in continuing what I started in January of 2009 (in which I’ve lost 30 pounds and feel better than ever), my son Jesse and I have decided to shoot for running 1,000 miles in a year. It is great to have a wonderful son to share these adventures with. My wife Janet is also riding her bike and exercycle with us and — Man, is she beautiful :-)

Jesse developed a handy-dandy chart to help us keep track our our progress. We will share it with you so you can track us too.

My miles will include “fun-runs” in crazy places like Israel, Turkey, Greece, Dubai, India, Italy and all over the USA. Cold weather in Michigan is somewhat problematic but we have a treadmill and an in-door tension stand for my Trek bike so we can still accumulate the miles and continue the good health.

So, here is the chart and our progress so far. My son says it will automatically update every day as we add more miles. I will try to add pictures and videos as well. Wish us luck and continued good knees.

(Pictures: Steve running along shore of Galilee at sunrise; leading a group of KVSS pilgrimage runners through Jerusalem and into the Holy Sepulchre).

Running SepulchreRunning Galilee2

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