Nut-case Bishop Finally Defrocked

by Steve Ray on December 17, 2009

UPDATE 12/19/09 from Ed Peters:
Why is this Milingo case getting complicated?

A new statement from the Holy See’s Press Office, if it has been accurately reported, is muddying the waters about the Church’s stand on the ability of schismatic bishops to confer holy orders.

I’m looking for some clarity:

marrigare1Archbishop Milingo stripped of priestly status

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo—the renegade African prelate who has launched a worldwide crusade for married priests, under the influence of the Korean sect figure Sun Myung Moon—has been defrocked, the Vatican announced on December 17.

(Picture to right: Archbishop Milingo takes a wife in the Moonie cult)

Wrapping up Milingo’s Case — Just About
Ed Peters, Canon Lawyer

The bizarre antics of Abp. Emmanuel Milingo, suspended in 2001 for attempting marriage, and excommunicated in 2006 for ordaining to men to the episcopate without pontifical mandate, have finally resulted in his dismissal from the clerical state. This is unquestionably the right thing to do. The HSPO press release leaves only a few questions . . . click here for more.

The Vatican’s Statement on Milingo.

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