Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bad News for Prolife

by Steve Ray on December 9, 2009

With pro-life amendment’s defeat, US bishops urgently call for changes in Senate health bill

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By a 54-45 vote, the United States Senate has rejected the Nelson-Hatch-Casey Amendment to health care legislation. The amendment would have kept in place “the longstanding and widely supported federal policy against government funding of health coverage that includes elective abortions,” as the US Conference of Catholic Bishops stated before the vote.


Cajun Dancing, Good Food & Catholic Fellowship

by Steve Ray on December 9, 2009

Today our Baton Rouge parish mission at St. Isidore’s is completed but we are staying long enough to join the parish social with Cajun dancing and great home cooked local Louisiana foods. This is great!

What a great bunch of faithful and orthodox Catholics. Fr. Fred Youngs has been wonderful! I love finding priests and parishes like this where we feel at home the minute we arrive. We just LOVE being Catholic.



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