Dominic Memorizes John 3:16

by Steve Ray on November 27, 2009

Dominic will be seven years old in January. We spent Thanksgiving together and I told him he’d get $5 to memorize John 3:16 by the end of the afternoon. He wrote it out, looked it up in the Bible, and began to seriously concentrate on memorizing this important verse in the Bible — the first verse I learned as a boy of seven years old.

He was pretty proud of himself and we will now embark on many more verses — until he has the whole New Testament memorized :-)

Hey parents and grandparents — this is serious business, as well as fun. Help your kids and grandkids memorize Scripture while their minds are young and supple. Like riding a bike or a horse, it will always stay with them.

Remember Proverbs 22:6 (hover you cursor over the verse reference to read it.)

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Veronica Quintana November 29, 2009 at 7:39 PM

Dominic, very cool.
Steave, I love checking into your blog!
Last night was the closest to reagular sleeping pattern since we got back home. Its hard to beleive we where traveling home a week ago and tomorrow marks one week since our Holy Land Pilgramage! It has been great picking up some of the other pilgrams e-mails. Frank is going to set up a way for any pilgrams interested to get my quick sketches and any of the photos we got of our Holy Priest, a few of Stacy, Olivia, Gail & one of Jhon sharing bannanas. Thank you All more then words can say then tounge can exspress for the wonderful work you do in Gods Kingdom. Veronica Quintana

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