Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Day of Pilgrimage

by Steve Ray on November 23, 2009

The Pilgrimage has come to an end. It always seems like forever since we were first on Mount Tabor, but it also seems to be over in a flash and it is always so hard and sad to say Good-bye as new friends have to leave and go back home.

But we are always full of joy to know that many lives have been changed, faith deepened, more truth learned, and all go home closer to God having walked in the footsteps of his Son.

Here are the last two videos. They document the last day and some of the comments from pilgrims.

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What My Grandpa Said About the Pope

by Steve Ray on November 23, 2009

(Billy Boy teaches Grandpa a thing or two)

GrandpaMisc.jpg“My grandpa is a nice old gentleman, with gray hair, and gold spectacles, and very fond of his little grandson Billy—that’s me. Grandpa and I often go out to walk together, that is, on fine days, because on cloudy days he never goes out of the house, but stays at home to keep “comfortable with the gout”, as he says.

One day we strolled along the edge of the woods and into the park, and after walking about for a while we sat down on a nice sunny bench. Grandpa took out a newspaper to read. As his eye glanced down the columns, he suddenly gave a grunt and hit the ground very sharply with his cane.

“Got the gout, Grandpa?” I asked.

“No, my dear, it’s nothing but the old Pope again.”

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