Obama Sets New Record

by Steve Ray on October 25, 2009

ObamaTelegraph-fullFrom the United Kingdom Telegraph:

“We were always told Barack Obama would do something spectacular, that he would shatter previous presidential records – and now he has. The One has recorded the sharpest slump in popularity rating of any US president at this stage in office for 50 years. Nor is that figure just a snapshot of a bad week: it reflects his average daily approval rating for the past quarter of the year – running at 53 per cent. Considering it stood at 78 per cent last January, that is impressive work…….”

To read the whole article click here. Personally, I’m enjoying it! Can’t remember anyone I’ve disliked more!

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Randy October 26, 2009 at 3:20 PM

I think the old record holder was Reagan. Truman dropped a lot to but he was not elected. The point is that some of the biggest droppers ended up getting re-elected. So this means very little. Everybody knows 78% is hardly sustainable. George Bush Sr was over 90% during the first Gulf war. He lost. All you can say is that polls this far out mean nothing. They might influence young congressmen who don’t know that. That is about it.

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