New “Advent” Bible Study

by Steve Ray on October 22, 2009

This is a message from Gail Buckly, founder and President of Catholic Scripture Study International. This is the best Catholic Bible Study program for groups available. I have written several of the studies and know of the integrity of CSS both in regards tothe quality of study but also its faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Church.

Regarding our new ADVENT study, please check our website for additional information:  The Intro and Lesson one are posted there for your review.  This study is 4 lessons plus an introduction and each book includes a separate “Answer Key” to the study questions.  $14.95 per book.

The lessons are based on the Sunday Mass readings during this Advent – Cycle C.  Perfect for individual or group study.  If using for group, plan for 5 weeks so that the first week you can give out the books and students can prepare for the following week.  Available for ordering in our online store starting Friday, Oct. 23.

Help us advertise this study as there are very few Advent studies available.  Please let your pastor and religious education director know about it and we would greatly appreciate it if you would submit the following ad to your parish secretary to be put in your bulletin for others who may be interested.

Click here to download the bulletin ad:

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Gail Buckley October 22, 2009 at 9:09 AM

Thank you, Steve! As far as I could determine there really weren’t any CATHOLIC Advent studies available and this is a good one! Not only does this study follow the Sunday Mass readings during Advent but we’re using the ancient method of Lectio Divinia – Praying the Scriptures, which is really nice. Of course, it’s up to each person whether or not they want to use that method in doing this study but we have the information in the introduction for them if they choose to do so. I think the study will certainly enhance and enrich one’s Advent . I know that as an important member of our CSS Team, that you join us in praying that many people will get involved in studying God’s Word and draw closer to Him and His Church. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Steve!

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