Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holy Cross Pilgrimage from Galilee to Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on October 6, 2009

Today we started out at Capernaum for Mass above the ruins of Peter’s House where Jesus lived with Peter for three years during his public ministry. We visited the synagogue where Jesus said, “Eat my Flesh and drink my Blood.” I gave my 15 minute version of “Defending the Eucharist.”

Then to Tabgha where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish. Here Amer gave a great explanation of early Christianity and the presence of Christians in the Holy Land. From there to see the Ancient Galilee boat from the 1st century before boarding a modern boat for a one hour voyage on the Sea of Galilee. While on the boat Amer told about the sea, Steve told his story of fishing all night on the sea with Jewish fishermen and Msgr. Deutsch gave a “homily” on Peter and God’s faithfulness.

Then to the Tanureen Restaurant to eat fish from the Sea of Galilee called St. Peter’s Fish. Cindy found a coin in her fishes mouth! After lunch we drove to Jerusalem.  I told my conversion story followed by Fr. Barr’s conversion story. We climbed the mountains of Jerusalem and drove to the model of 1st century Jerusalem and visited the Shrine of the Book to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, after which we arrived at the Notre Dame Center for dinner and bed.

All are doing well and having a great time. Tomorrow we go to Bethlehem where it is Christmas every day. We will have Mass in a large cave used by the shepherds when the angels arrived to tell the good news of Jesus’ birth. Then we eat falafils and schwarma.


screen-capture-3“The combination of Richard Dawkins and Karen Armstrong as presenters of two contrary views on the existence of God (“Man vs. God,” Weekend Journal, Sept. 12) is in itself a “creative act.” For one, God is a fairy tale, and for the other “at least it’s a nice fairy tale.” One may as well have asked Osama bin Laden to write his thoughts on America and then ask Hugo Chávez for a counter perspective….”

Read the article here with comments on the debate by good theistic philosophers and theologians. Also, check out one of Scott Hahn’s latest book.


Ordered Universe Implies a Designer

by Steve Ray on October 6, 2009

An ordered universe points to a Creator, Cardinal Pell argues

Cardinal George Pell of Melbourne, Australia, defended belief in a Creator God in a lecture for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Responding to the argument of atheist Christopher Hitchens, the cardinal invoked scientists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkings in arguing that the ordered design of the universe points toward something more than “blind chance.”