Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Archbishop Burke on Pro-aborts, Communion & Funerals

by Steve Ray on September 23, 2009

From Canon Lawyer Ed Peters: Archbishop Burke repeats: no Communion, no Catholic funeral for pro-abortion politicians

Archbishop Raymond Burke, speaking at the Inside Catholic partnership dinner, said that Catholic politicians who support legal abortion should not be allowed to receive Communion or to have Catholic funerals. The American archbishop, who now heads the Apostolic Signatura, explained that this disciplinary approach is not a matter of judging the individual’s soul, but “a recognition of the scandal” caused by public support for abortion. He added that in order to remove that scandal, since the individual has taken a public stand in opposition to Church teaching, “his repentance must also be public.”

I doubt Abp. Burke charged “the Church” with erring

While journalists usually have some say over how their writings are edited, even the best reporters tend to have little control over how their articles are headlined…so I want to avoid assuming David Gibson’s responsibility for the goofy charge that headlines his report of Abp. Raymond Burke’s recent address to guests at’s 14th Annual Partnership Dinner.

The title to Gibson’s article reads “Vatican Official: Church Erred in Holding Kennedy Funeral.” Not only did Burke never say “the Church erred” in this way or any other (seriously, can anyone imagine Burke making such a reckless claim about the Church?), Gibson’s own article makes no such allegation.

Read what Abp. Burke really said about the law on funerals for public sinners, and decide whether my position on Teddy’s funeral is consistent with the archbishop’s, here: