Monday, September 14, 2009

Triumph of the Cross

by Steve Ray on September 14, 2009

I will be joining Sean Herriott at 7 AM Eastern on Relevant Radio. We will discuss Monday’s feast of the Triumph of the Cross. We will also discuss today’s Feast of our Lady of Sorrows since she was at the foot of the Cross.

IMG_1853On Monday I was fortunate enough to join Fr. Groeschel in his private chapel in Larchmont NY at the Trinity Retreat Center for the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross — with six priests in a tiny little chapel in his house.

I would have liked to have a better picture, but it just seemed inappropriate to pull out my iPhone during the very solemn and holy Mass.

MaryI took this picture of Mary in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem — right next to Calvary. This is my favorite statue of the suffering Mary with the sword piercing her own soul (Luke

I am providing a link to a few of my articles on the Cross to celebrate this feast day–  and to provide more info for those who listened to the show.

The Cross & the Crucifix: a Letter to a Fundamentalist

What Does God See Every Morning when He Opens His Eyes: the Crucifix

The Sign of the Cross

Steve’s audio CD: “The Pain of the Crucifixion”


“Alexamenos Worships his God” written in Greek
-Earliest surviving depiction of the Crucifixion is the Alexamenos graffito from a wall near the Palatine Hill in Rome 1st-3rd century. It was made to mock and ridicule Christians. The cross was not a sign of glory in the first years because it was still used as a gruesome form of execution. For more see the Wikipedia article here.


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G.K. Chesterton Comments on Dan Brown

by Steve Ray on September 14, 2009

G.K. Chesterton is timeless so why can’t he speak from the grave about such as fool as Dan Brown (DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons)?

Click here for Carl Olsen’s “exclusive interview”


WARNING: Graphic

by Steve Ray on September 14, 2009

President Obama condemns killing of pro-life activist

TwoHeadedObama“President Barack Obama has condemned the “deplorable” killing of Michigan pro-life activist James Pouillon. “Whichever side of a public debate you’re on, violence is never the right answer,” he said in the statement.”

I am glad Obama is against killing pro-life activists . . .

. . . but it sure seems inconsistent to me that he can point to one group with words of non-violence while pointing to the pro-abortion groups in supporting a medical procedure that pulls a baby’s head out of his/her mother’s womb . . .

partial birth abortion. . . before piercing the baby’s skull with a blunt object and then sucking his/her brains out with a vacuum . . .

. . . so they can declare the baby dead at birth before the rest of the body is removed from the mother. “Dead at birth!”

This is called Partial Birth Abortion and this president promotes the practice.

Nice try at peace and anti-violence Mr. President! Everyone enjoying all this new HOPE and CHANGE?

(For those who think it is inappropriate that I post a picture like this of a mangled human being — I suggest that if it had been you — you might not be so opposed — since you would want everyone to know the injustice and violence that had been inflicted upon you before you even knew the warm touch of another human being.)


Stay Tuned for all New Web & Blog Design and Look

September 14, 2009

Our webmaster and computer genius Adam Henriksen is working at our house this week to upgrade and completely revise my websites, blog and stores. I think you will like the design and functuality. I am quite excited.

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