Monday, September 7, 2009

What Our Kids Should REALLY hear in School Today!

by Steve Ray on September 7, 2009

First, is a link to the proposed speech Obama will give to schools across America. If I had kids in school they would be home with Obaba flu today. And below is what every kid should hear in school today presented by comedian Red Skelton.

I would also like to see the Lesson Plan that goes along with this speech — “How can you help your president?” is the title, if I remember correctly. And it will be interesting to see how teachers are going to “editorialize” Obama’s talk and expand upon it.

I just read in the incredibly liberal International Herald Tribune (which is the only English paper we have easy access to here) that school districts are getting more angry calls from parents over Obama’s planned talk, than any other topic in recent memory. Many thousands are keeping their kids home.

One Commenter in my post a few days ago (I’d Keep My Kids Home on Tuesday) a poster made fun of the resistance because of the seemingly innocuous content of Obama’s speech. I posted my response to him under that previous post.

Here’s what our kids should hear in school today!


Even CBS Says Obama is in Big Trouble

by Steve Ray on September 7, 2009

Excellent Article on the fall (not collapse) of President Obama.  I think Charles Krauthammer hits the nail on the head in his article Obama, the Mortal in today’s Washington Post.

It starts out, “What happened to President Obama? His wax wings having melted, he is the man who fell to earth. What happened to bring his popularity down further than that of any new president in polling history save Gerald Ford (post-Nixon pardon)?”

Keep up the heat America!


My Runs in Rome

by Steve Ray on September 7, 2009

Here is my run on Saturday which took me around the Walls of the Vatican, to Piazza Navona, Church of St. Agostino (Augustine), Castle of the Angel (St. Michael), the Bridge of the Angels crossing the Tiber River, St. Peter’s and much more.

Running is a great way to see Rome! I am hoping to have time to put up a long YouTube video I took of the run. It was very fun and interesting.


On Monay Janet and I walked four miles around Aquilina Hill visiting all its churches including St. Mary Major, St. Prudenzia, St. Prassede, St. Peter in Chains, Church of St. Monte, and St. Vincent’s.

After lunch I ran four miles up a big hill past North American College (American seminarians) to an overlook of all of Rome, down the Appia Antica, and past St. Peters to our apartment.

Getting ready to join Fr. Groeschel on Sunday on his EWTN TV show.