Sunday, September 6, 2009

“Bella” Star in a Great Little Movie

by Steve Ray on September 6, 2009

EL CIRCO ChJanet and I really enjoyed this short 20-minute movie of hope called “The Butterfly Circus.” It is a parable of the ugly caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly. It is also a challenge to any who have been left behind or disadvantaged or without hope or meaning.

Eduardo Verástegui, from the movie Bella, stars as the circus master during the years of the Great Depression. If you have younger kids you may want to explain there is a limbless man in the movie.

It is free. Gather the family, click on this link, settle in and enjoy!

After watching this, check out the Doorpost Film Project for other short movies of hope, redemption, joy, love and other things that matter.

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