Friday, September 4, 2009

My Run Around the Vatican

by Steve Ray on September 4, 2009

My Achilles Heel has been sore but today I gave it another try after 3-4 weeks. It was great. No pain. Here is my short run — pictures and video tomorrow. Click on image for larger pictures. Isn’t GoogleMaps cool!



Excellent Article on the Kennedy’s by a Good Friend

by Steve Ray on September 4, 2009

Liz Lev is from Boston but now teaches in Rome. We just saw her in Detroit last week and have a dinner planned together here in Rome this week.

In she provides an excellent overview of Catholics in America and the Kennedy’s in politics. It is entitled “The End of A Dynasty.” You can read her short and entertaining article here.


Health Care Reform: Gotta Love this Woman!

by Steve Ray on September 4, 2009


Adjusting to Rome; Beauty of the Church

September 4, 2009

It is HOT and HUMID. It is taking some time to adjust. But it is great to be in Rome any time of year. Last night we had dinner with Fr. Alfonso Aguilar LC who is a great friend. Tonight we have dinner with Teresa Tomeo and her husband Dominic. We’ve Fr. Alfonso to join […]

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