Archbishop Sheehan Criticizes Other Bishops

by Steve Ray on August 29, 2009

Archbishop criticizes bishops who opposed Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame

Archbishop Michael Sheehan of Santa Fe has criticized the dozens of bishops who publicly opposed President Barack Obama’s appearance at t heUniversity of Notre Dame.


Canon Lawyer Ed Peters writes:

Some thoughts on Archbishop Sheehan’s recent comments regarding Eucharistic discipline

While I offer no opinion on the recent comments made by Archbishop Michael Sheehan of Santa Fe to the National Catholic Reporter regarding his take on inter-episcopal relations (that’s between arch/bishops), his assertions on the canon law of Eucharistic reception are something else. In my opinion, several of Abp. Sheehan’s assertions thereon are flawed. Even so, I might have let them pass, except that Sheehan, besides being an archbishop, also has a doctorate in canon law (Lateran, 1971) and thus some might incline to his views based on those credentials. So, here goes.

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