Monday, August 17, 2009

ObamaCare Fiasco & Great Resources

by Steve Ray on August 17, 2009


He wants to be everywhere: in the White House, in your house, in your doctor’s office, in the abortion clinic, in your church and sitting on the bench in your local courthouse. And he will always give you that warm, welcoming and very comforting smile . . .

“No thanks! I am canceling my appointment!”

Happily, there was a lot of confusion in the White House over the weekend. Due to the precipitous drop in approval for Obama and his ObamaCare, many are backing away. Americans are protesting at Town Hall meetings and Independents are distancing themselves from the White House. Obama now says the Public Option (government in complete control of health care) is optional and not a crucial element in his plan.

What? He has constantly said this is essential! Howard Dean, head of the Democratic National Committee, said even today that it is essential. If government is not in charge it is not real health care reform. Now the Far Left is as angry with Obama as the Conservatives.

The White House is in confusion; Obama is ready to remove the elements that he guaranteed the Left he would be include. Now he is throwing his faithful under the bus and saying he is willing to back off on his earlier “essentials”. But don’t underestimate this man. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. The public option is essential to his plan and he WILL get it one way or the other — no matter what he says.

But Obama is burning up a LOT of political capital on this health care fiasco. It may be exploding in his face. I think the enamel is wearing off the “Messiah” and his halo is getting rusty real fast.

And what is this with unsolicited emails sent by Chief-of-Staff Axlerod? Did they get the e-mail list from the informants who were asked to send in names and addresses of those opposed to ObamaCare? Things are getting very interesting. We need to keep up the heat!

Excellent News Items & Resources (thanks to Patrick Novecosky and News from Legatus Insider

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