Looks Like the Veneer is Wearing Thin

by Steve Ray on August 4, 2009


This billboard showed up in Los Angeles. It is spreading and has gone “viral” on some websites.

For the ABC Report, click here.

For more about it visit these links found on the Drudge Report which I posted below.


‘Politically mean spirited and dangerous’…

FLASHBACK: VANITY FAIR published Bush as Joker art…

Frankly, I think there is truth to the poster when you consider current events. Our country is being betrayed, our children’s future mortgaged, our morals sold out and the unborn and elderly are in more danger than ever.

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Ronald King August 4, 2009 at 9:33 PM

Steve, this is below you.


Ronald King August 5, 2009 at 8:24 AM

I looked at the vanity fair piece and I find it disgusting and inflammatory. Steve, I called into Catholic Answers last Friday and posed the question/statement as to why the Bishops cannot get united and bring in Catholics who have the education, experience and means to develop a comprehensive health insurance plan open to anyone. Considering that we have tens of millions of Catholics in this country there is no reason this could not be developed.
This would seem to be an act of evangelization that would have an immense impact on how the Church is perceived. I talked with a friend last week who works in developing insurance plans for large businesses and he told me that his company has a division that works with religious groups to develop such plans but on a smaller basis. He stated he did not immediately see a problem with developing such a plan except in relationship to the reaction of fear as a result of the priest sexual abuse and the desire to keep the liability limited to individual parishes.
I received this thought during one of my morning Rosary Runs and I have been running it by different apostolates hoping to get some sort of support. However, I have been disappointed with the responses of it being impossible. That is not the faith that I love.
During that run I was given Acts 4: 32-35 to read and then the first couple of paragraphs in Chapter 5.

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