Bizarre Science Czar — Beware!

by Steve Ray on July 26, 2009

From my friend Tony Ryan of Ignatius Press:

Many people are not aware that President Obama has appointed a new “Science Czar”. I wasn’t aware until yesterday when I saw the story about the new “Czar” on LifeNews website. That the president would personally appoint a “Science Czar”, a new government position, it is clear that this Czar is chosen to be the president’s spokesman for his radical beliefs that are in line with the president’s own thoughts on embryonic stem cell research, population control, abortion, etc..

This is a position created directly by Obama, as well as the appointment, and a critical new position that we the people have had no power in deciding.

In light of this, the following article by LifeNews as to the extreme, radical views held by this new “Czar” and published in a book are all the more ominous:

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HG July 29, 2009 at 8:43 PM

this president has done NOTHING to advance the cause for life. every single appointment has the same anti-life ideology.

as the saying goes; “birds of the same feather flock together!”

I’m sure this is the change he wants for america. he’s a shame for the african-americans!

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