New Personal Record

by Steve Ray on June 30, 2009

Today I ran 10 miles in 92 minutes and weighed in at 152 pounds — down from 183 pounds on January 1.

Janet is doing this with me and rode her recumbent exercycle 21 miles today and weighed in at 114 pounds — down from 130 pounds on January 1. (We watched Evelyn while working out. A great movie!)

I have never felt better, though today I am a bit tired :-)  When people notice my weight loss they ask, “Did you get sick?” I say, “Yup, sick of being overweight, tired and out of shape!” Blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and other factors are now all low and the doctor said I am in great shape — without using drugs.

My blog posts on our efforts: here and here. You can do it too!

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Carson Weber July 1, 2009 at 10:28 AM

Steve, good work!!!!!!

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