Saturday, June 20, 2009

Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

by Steve Ray on June 20, 2009

Obama did not speak in defense of those protesting Iranian tyranny until public opinion forced him to do so — finally!

Under Pressure, Obama Calls on Iran to End Violence, ‘Unjust’ Actions
In a statement that appeared to answer his critics who wanted him to speak out more forcefully, President Obama called on Iran to stop the violence and unjust actions against its people.

How disappointing to have a spineless president who abandons those fighting for basic freedoms in Iran and doesn’t know what he should say until forced to by public opinion and until his tereprompter is set up.


A Baptist Church Converts

by Steve Ray on June 20, 2009

img_0972This week I have been speaking in Austin Texas and College Station Texas (A & M University with an incredible number of priestly vocations!)  I came to support Catholic Radio — Ten Wrenn with Catholic Radio in Austin and Dennis Macha as he is well on his way to putting up an FM Catholic Radio station in College Station.

I spoke today at a Baptist church — well, let me explain. No Baptist church has ever invited me to speak, but like me, THIS Baptist church is a conver–not the congregation, but the building. It was built and used as a Baptist Church with the baptism dunking tank, the communion cup holders in the pews and all.

But this Baptist church building decided to convert and is today a Catholic Church! It has beautiful statues, a gorgeous crucifix, holy water fonts, a large marble altar and a tabernacle right in the center up front (see picture)! I felt right at home in more ways than one!

I started my conversion story this morning by saying that I was not the only one that converted — even this former Baptist church converted to the Catholic faith! I felt right at home!!