Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on June 15, 2009

What Was Mary Really Like? We talked about Mary the Real Girl and Mary the Woman of Mystery.

We opened the show with me telling a good bit about daily life in the time of Mary. In a way, idealistic art does us a disservice in understanding the real Mary of Nazareth, just like sanitized crucifixes do us a disservice when it comes to showing the supreme price paid for our sins.

Here are some of the questions I answered Monday on Catholic Answers Live. To listen to the archived show on-line, click here. For other listening options, like iPod, visit here.

–Did Mary have a mystical or other knowledge of the Holy Spirit before her conception?
–What did Mary actually know about her Son and God’s plan? Did she know and understand everything or live by faith?
–How would a young teenage girl get to Elizabeth’s house 80 miles away? I wouldn’t let my daughter walk all that way alone.
–Was Mary close to the Apostle John? and what other man was she close to besides Joseph?
–What do you think of the fruit of Medjugorje?
–A favorite quote from St. Alphonso Ligiouri (quote unsubstantiated at this point)?
–Is there an Old Testament passage that typologically relates or prepares us for the Wedding of Cana?
–Why do Catholic talk about Mary more than Jesus?

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Whit June 15, 2009 at 10:28 PM

Heard you on CA tonight. Great show.

WAnted to pass something by you. A couple of years ago, I was reading the wedding feast at Caana passage and dwelled on it for a little while. A couple of things were very apparent when i got done w. it. BTW what follows is not the be all and end all of that passage. There is a lot there when one really thinks about it.

But what I really saw was 1) Mary was showing us how she intercedes for us w. her Son all the time when she saw that the wedding party had run out of wine. She went to her Son an dstepped right up and said, Son, take care of this.

And 2) This miracle was not the first time Jesus had ever performed a miracle in front of his mother. In fact, the way she just ignored His statement and went to the servants w. her statement for them to do as He tells them, shows that it was a normal thing in her life to have her Son do such things.

Think of it as if you had miraculous powers and your mom didn’t know it. Woulld she have come up to you and said, Hey Steve, they are out of wine. And you give her some answer and instead of answering YOU, she turns to the servants and tells them to do what you tell them to do and then she just walks off as if she knows you are going to go ahead and get them some wine somehow. And it’s not as if you had a cart in the back loaded w. jugs of wine from the local winery or anything. No, it was a normal thing for Jesus to haveperformed all kind of miracles for her and around her.

And I would venture that Jesus had discussed to some degree what He knew he had to go through soon and that is why she started Him on the path when she did. And I would venture that He left it up to her when He started so she would be ready for the pain she would endure after He left and because of His leaving and what He was going to have to do. Now to what extent she knew it all, is pure speculation and I don’t think she knew it all, but I do believe she knew a lot of it. Especially his passion and death. Not necessarily the specifics and the when but that it was going to happen. Otherwise I just can’t see why she would have had to be the one to start Him on his ministry. He would have just started it whenever He wanted to w/o His mothe’s permission.

It just makes sense to me.

Always enjoy listening to you on the radideo. 8^)

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