Friday, May 29, 2009

Steve Discusses Pentecost on Relevant Radio

by Steve Ray on May 29, 2009

At 8:30 AM Eastern today, Steve will join Sean Herriott on Relevant Radio to talk about Pentecost. This may sound ho-hum to some, but it is really quite an exciting and interesting topic that really relates to us. It is the birthday of the Church! You can listen on line at

For Steve’s audio CD “Fifty Days to Pentecost: Fire on your Head!” ¬†click here. For Bible Study Computer software, click here. For recommended Bibles and books for Bible study, click here.

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My Protestant friend Dr. Stephen Patton, though thoroughly catholic in spirit, wrote an interesting review of Brown’s new movie Angels & Demons. I thought it was good, though I must admit I haven’t seen the movie. Dr. Patton and I go way back to my formed days at Trinity Baptist Church in Livonia Michigan over fifteen years ago. He is engagingly witty, intensely brilliant, passionately Christian and reminds me of Chesterton. Thanks for sharing your review Dr. Patton!


On My Way to Five Conferences!

by Steve Ray on May 29, 2009

If you are in these areas we would love to have you join us.For more details check my Calendar at

1) Today I fly in to St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church in Kenmore NY for a talk Friday and two on Saturday.

2) Tuesday evening at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church in McKinney TX for their Mango Series. My talk is on “A Virtual Tour of the Life of St. Paul.”

3) June 12-13 I will be at the LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro Massachusetts for two talks.

4) I will be speaking in Austin Texas and College Station Texas from June 18-20.

Hope you can join us!