Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pilgrimage with Fr. Shane Tharp: Last Day

by Steve Ray on May 17, 2009

We finished our last day and went to our farewell dinner in Bethlehem. Enjoy!

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Update on Two Pilgrimages

by Steve Ray on May 17, 2009

Internet problems at hotels. Delay not my own.

Fr. Shane Tharp group is safely on the plane and heading home. Their last videos should be available soon.

The Dr. Hahn group has all safely arrived. I set up Mass for them on the shore of Galilee at the Church of the Primacy of Peter. We then had dinner and they are all sound asleep.

I will try to have their first two days’ of videos up tomorrow – but I am somewhat at the mercy of technology.


Pilgrimage with Fr. Shane: Masada Day

by Steve Ray on May 17, 2009

At the beginning of this video I forgot to explain, in the video, what the first pictures are all about :-(  They are pictures of my run in the morning before the group got up. I took off from our hotel in Jericho and ran out into the Judean Wilderness to the Highway 1. It was very near the place John the Baptist baptized Jesus and the road up to Jerusalem (Parable of the Good Samaritan).

The fun part was running through the Palestinian and later the Israeli checkpoints. I had to stop and show them my passport. The Israeli soidiers would not let me take their pictures but the Palestinian did. It was hard to take the pictures myself with my iPhone which is why they look a little goofy. Enjoy!