No Enemies?

by Steve Ray on May 16, 2009

No Enemies?

You have no enemies, you say?
Alas, my friend, the boast is poor;
He who has mingled in the fray
Of duty, that the brave endure,
Must have made foes! If you have none,
Small is the work that you have done.
You’ve hit no traitor on the hip,
You’ve dashed no cup from perjured lip,
You’ve never turned the wrong to right,
You’ve been a coward in the fight.


Charles MacKay (1814-1889)

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A. Sullivan May 17, 2009 at 9:23 AM

I am looking to talk to my sister Marie Listro who is traveling with you on the pilgramage to the Holy Land. I could not yet see a message regarding that trip, so, responded to this one. Hope the trip went well. You should be there be now. Will keep you all in my prayers while you are away. Have a request for my sister to purchase some rosaries ( I know you get some, but these will proably put you over the limit) that will go through the stations of the cross. One for Tommy, one for Phyllis’s mom who is in the hospital and going through chemo for colon cancer (she will have surgery afterwards), one for Gerri’s niece who was just diagnosed with advanced breats cancer and one for Laurene who is going through more personal stuff. Marie, if you can, please respond to this email. Love and prayers to all.

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