Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bumper Stickers & Intolerance

by Steve Ray on May 6, 2009

screen-captureYesterday at a gathering there was high praise for the new president and very harsh words of sarcastic criticism for George Bush. I dared to disagree. I was considered intolerant because I expressed my disgust with Obama — his socialist agenda, his expanding of the culture of death, and the fact that he is way over his head.

Obama was viewed as the Saviour; he could do no wrong — how could you not love Obama! I was told to give him a chance. Let’s watch for four years and see how he does. I said, “Nonsense! You can see who and what he is already! I don’t have to wait four years to see our country leaning so far to the left it is losing its balance. Obama sees government as the answer to everything. The results are predictable. I don’t have to wait to see anything.”

I was not a huge Bush fan, though I did like his integrity, honesty and his usual tendency to protect life and practice conservative politics — usually, I said.

I thought the top bumper sticker was very appropriate after the Democrats excoriated me for my intolerant attitude toward Obama when they raked Bush over the coals. These folks have never been very good at practicing what they preach or showing tolerance and charity while accusing others of what they happily do every day!