Monday, April 27, 2009

Bravo Mary Ann Glendon! She Reproves Notre Dame

by Steve Ray on April 27, 2009

mary_ann_glendonGlendon declines commencement honor from Notre Dame
Mary Ann Glendon has announced that she will not accept the Laetare Medal– the highest honor conferred by the University of Notre Dame– at this year’s commencement exercises.

More here! Read her letter — it is magnificent!


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You should also know that another effort by Notre Dame alumni urging donors to withhold future contributions to Notre Dame until a new President committed to the teachings of the Church is named.  The organizers of this effort at seek to be charitable, but also firm, in their insistence that a change in leadership is needed at Notre Dame.

This morning the group announced that they have personally verified that $8.2 million in donations have been withheld in just one week because of their efforts!


More from Canon Lawyer Ed Peters: Mary Ann Glendon brings good out of evil

I see Dr. Mary Ann Glendon’s refusal to provide cover for Notre Dame’s inexcusable conferral of honors on a prominent pro-abortion politician as an application of Canon 209.1 “The Christian faithful, even in their own manner of acting, are always obliged to maintain communion with the Church”, or of Canon 225.2 “According to each one’s own condition, [laity] are also bound by a particular duty to imbue and perfect the order of temporal affairs with the spirit of the gospel and thus to give witness to Christ, especially in carrying out these same affairs and in exercising secular functions.”

The evil that ND President Jenkins and his Board of Trustees committed has, Deus laudetur, occasioned one of the most striking displays of episcopal fortitude I can remember, mobilized hundreds of thousands of American Catholics against another quiet surrender to the Culture of Death, and effected notice to several once great Catholic institutions that it’s time, finally, to decide where they stand.

I say, God bless Ambassador Glendon.


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