Proof of the Resurrection & Actual Tomb of Christ

by Steve Ray on April 12, 2009

jesus-resurrection-01I was just on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air with Wendy Weiss filling in for Sean Herriott. Our topic was the Resurrection of Jesus. We will do a similar show this Wednesday with Chuck Neff on Searching the Word at 1 PM. We will discuss the place he was buried and from which he rose, the facts of the event, proof of the Resurrection and how it should impact our lives. You can listen on-line at

I will also be on Sirius Satellite Radio with Lino Rulli (The Catholic Guy) on Wednesday at 6 PM to talk about St. Paul and the End Times. Then — off to Rome!

screen-captureSome of the theories against the resurrection:
a. New Testament inaccurate and made the story up
b. His body stolen by disciples
c. Women went to the wrong tomb
d. Roman soldiers went AWOL
e. Jewish authorities stole his body
f. Hallucinations
g. Swoon theory
h. Just a spirit and not a bodily resurrection

All of these have been answered a thousand times over (see Josh McDowell’s excellent summary below). The resurrection happened and is an historical, objective reality. I have been there a hundred times — the tomb is empty!

Quick resources:
Josh McDowell’s Short Article
Catholic Encyclopedia
Is the Holy Sepulchre the Real Place?
What about the Other Sites?

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