Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am proud to be an American!


We want more Protest-ants to convert and join us, but not if they bring their “protest” with them. Leave it behind or go back where it is welcome!

Tony Blair (former Prime Minister of England) and his wife criticize Church teaching on homosexuality, condoms
In an interview with Britain’s leading homosexual magazine, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was received into the Church in 2007, called for a “rethinking” of Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

This of course has nothing to do with the clarity of the Church’s teaching, it has to do with dissent from what is clearly taught.


The Beauty of NOT having a Magisterium…

by Steve Ray on April 8, 2009

… is that you don’t have to have any solid positions, morals, or theology. You can waffle and change your mind. God has no opinion (obviously, or so think many) so you don’t have to worry about what He might think.

Rick Warren is such a pastor and has now disavowed his opposition to the homosexual agenda and his support for Proposition 8.

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Update from
Update from Christianity Today (Evangelical Flagship Magazine

As one guy wrote: But he didn’t endorse Prop 8 in the first place.  Oh, wait — yes he did.  Oh, wait — he was misquoted.  Hey, kudos to Pastor Warren for standing up and forcefully disavowing his non-endorsement.  I look forward to the YouTube video him Windexing the TeleprompTer before President AboveMyPayGrade speaks at Notre Dame.