Monday, April 6, 2009

US Senate defeats conscience-protection amendment
By a 56-41 vote, the US Senate defeated an amendment to legislation that would have upheld the conscience rights of health care workers and institutions that do not wish to participate in abortion. Sixteen of the nation’s 25 Catholic senators voted against the amendment.


Obama’s Failed Three Times

by Steve Ray on April 6, 2009

… the Obama administration has put forward three candidates for consideration but each of them have been deemed insufficiently pro-life by the Vatican.

One of the few conditions the Vatican places on diplomats accredited to the Holy See is that they hold pro-life views in line with Church teaching.

Franco says the administration is now looking for a professional diplomat rather than a political appointee because finding an authentically pro-life candidate within the Democratic Party is proving impossible.

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What a Cool Grandson

by Steve Ray on April 6, 2009

img_0500img_0496First he turned himself into a walking talking robot…

… then he built his own Universe!

His name is Dominic Joseph Brown (our daughter’s oldest). I have high expectations for this bright lad.

His younger brother Damian Augustine got his front tooth knocked out yesterday while playing rough. He will be the toothless wonder for a few years before his “big boy tooth” fills the gapping gap.


Watch our Virtual Videos of our Latest Two Trips

April 6, 2009

Click here to watch all the videos from the St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise. Click here to watch the videos from the Ave Maria Radio-Teresa Tomeo Holy Land Pilgrimage.

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