Friday, March 13, 2009


Here is a group picture of all our pilgrims at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Click on the image for a larger picture.

UPDATE: Saturday, March 14. Pilgrims from the St. Paul cruise are now home!


St. Paul Cruise Update

by Steve Ray on March 13, 2009

It is always frustrating to be cut off from the world with no internet! They are off the ship and after shopping and having lunch they will visit the Egypt Museum and head to the hotel for the night. Everyone is doing well and at this moment are at the pyramids in Egypt. Everyone is fine and things are going famously! More soon.


Pewsitter Petition to Bishops

by Steve Ray on March 13, 2009

The Pewsitter Petition on Canon 915
(from my friend and canon lawyer Ed Peters) has published an on-line petition by which Catholics may call upon bishops to withhold holy Communion from Catholic political figures who gravely disregard Church teaching on certain fundamental life issues. The petition invokes canon law in support of some of its propositions. I know nothing about the organization behind the petition, but I feel confident in commenting on its canonical aspects.

My analysis is found here:

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From Hindu to Christian: Anand Mahadevan’s Story

March 13, 2009

Today I post a new story just placed our Conversion Story page. This is the short story of Anand Mahadevan, from India and editor of Outlook Business. Click here to read “I, Anand Mahadevan, the Convert.”

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