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by Steve Ray on March 8, 2009

(  One has to be thankful for the new project by Human Life International to connect with and support “Humanae Vitae Priests”–those priests who are not content to remain silent on a moral question that is so close to the root of contemporary hedonism.

In addition to providing these priests with excellent resources, the effort can only increase the number of those who understand the question thoroughly and who, in their turn, be willing to speak out: See the new web site: Humanae Vitae Priests.

On a closely related topic, we can turn to Pope Benedict for increased confidence that faithful marriage is possible. (Indeed, the absence of contraceptive use is a strong indicator of successful, life-long marriage.) See the Pope’s address to the Roman Rota: Against the Tide: Marriage Is Not Impossible.

Send this info to the priests you know.

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Mike Sanders March 9, 2009 at 1:07 AM

It really is a message of hope. Interesting though that to use the defect of consent you actually have to have an expert(psycologist) say you had some serious pre-existing disorder. Hopefully American tribunals will crack down and not continue to hand out an “exaggerated and almost automatic multiplication of declarations of nullity.” Until then if you find yourself fighting for the validity of your marriage and truly believe in your heart that it is, then you should insist on the tribunal of second instance being the Roman Rota. The reason is because the annulment decrees granted in the U.S. that are appealed directly to the Roman Rota, 80%-90% are overturned and declared valid! People have to remember and embrace the fact that marriage is one of the seven Sacraments. Pray for marriage in our country. Pray for families too, because Satan loves more than anything for families to fall apart.

Mike Sanders March 9, 2009 at 11:37 AM

Hopefully tribunals will begin to conform to what Pope Benedict is saying and what Pope John Paul II has been saying, and maybe we won’t continue to see: “Christian marriage being destroyed by the exaggerated and almost automatic multiplication of declarations of nullity, in cases of the failure of marriage, on the pretext of some immaturity or psychic weakness on the part of the contracting parties” Marriage truly is a gift from God!

Nfpworks March 9, 2009 at 4:15 PM

Steve, thanks for sharing this great resource! Has everyone signed the Humanae Vitae fidelity pledge??

Mike Sanders March 18, 2009 at 12:03 PM

From the mouth of a wise priest :“Divorce is when parents give up and lay down their crosses, and their children have to pick the crosses up and carry them.”

There is the story on the retrouvaille website about a couple who’s marriage was in trouble and the wife was ready to give up and then her priest told her that and she knew she had to fight for her marriage. It is truly a story of hope!

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