Monday, March 2, 2009

We Arrived in Athens Greece

by Steve Ray on March 2, 2009

One correction: in the credits at the end of the video it says the pilgrims arrive on Thursday–actually they all arrive in Athens on Wednesday and we will be here to greet them! I made this video at 3 AM after arriving at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens.

Click here if you can’t see the video.


Do Catholics Misquote the Fathers?

by Steve Ray on March 2, 2009

You may want to watch this video put up by William Albrecht. He addresses one instance in which an opponent wrongly says Catholics wrongly use the Fathers. Funny thing Fundamentalists accusing us of misusing the Fathers! Thanks William!


Once Saved, Always Saved?

by Steve Ray on March 2, 2009

A friend of mine, Randy Carson, wrote this insightful article:

Ironically, while one group of Protestants is touting “once saved always saved” another group is stating that you can never really be sure who has REAL faith until the end because it might turn out that one is “overcome” by the world at the last minute. Maybe the salvation really never “took” in the first place.

I’m just curious, which of these groups is “rightly dividing the word of God” and which is wrongly dividing it? They can’t both be right yet both claim scripture as their sole rule of faith. So much for the doctrine of sola scriptura.

Isn’t it ironic that when Catholics speak of mortal sin, many “once-saved-always-saved” Protestants will begin screaming about how “wrong” Catholics are to hold that someone could justified according to the Word of God and still lose out on salvation in the end because they are not in a state of grace due to mortal sin at the time of their death. Yet, another Protestant declares that if one is “overcome” by the world and does not persevere (in what? good works?) to the end, that is evidence that one does not have saving faith.

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