Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have introduced many pilgrims to retired Auxiliary Bishop Kamal Bathish of Jerusalem. He was a dear friend of ours for many years, even staying in our home a number of times. Unhappily, recent information from numerous sources has convinced me that he has serious moral issues that has forced me to disassociate myself from him. I gave him an opportunity to deny the findings but I never heard from him again. I post this blog with great pain and personal sorrow, but personally integrity forces me to do so. You can read my explanation here.


Vote for Your Favorite Movies as a Catholic

by Steve Ray on February 19, 2009

Movie poll of Catholics launched ahead of Oscars®

With just days to go until the 81st Annual Academy Awards, three UK-based Catholic media partners have launched a poll to find the Catholic community’s all-time top-100 favourite films. You can take the poll here.

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