Elizabeth Rose Ray – our 8th Grandchild . . .

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2009

photo. . . and some looney-tunes think it is OK to abort her, like the nut-case pro-aborts who opposed our Walk for Life in San Francisco and our new president. He even thinks it is OK to pull her body out of the birth canal before puncturing her skull and sucking out the brains so as to make sure she is dead before fully delivered (see picture below).

Well, I’m sure glad Elizabeth Rose Ray is safe and sound in the womb of my daughter-in-law Anna who abhors the wickedness of abortion. This baby will be born and able to appropriate all the potential God gave her at conception.

For those who don’t know what a partial birth abortion is — the procedure protected by President Obama and his “Catholic” vice president Joe Biden — here is a picture of the end result. Now you know what it looks like. And we call ourselves civilized!

fetusheadonside1If this doesn’t cause anger, disgust and a desire to “get involved” in the fight for life, then I don’t know what will.

The generation that brought abortion into the “legal” sphere in America will be surprised some day by the ironic justice of the old saying “What goes around, comes around.”

They devalued human life, calling the unborn baby “non-viable”, even non-human. Since there will be fewer babies born — because of abortion — there will be fewer taxpayers when the pro-abort generation gets older. There will be fewer tax dollars to support the pro-aborts as they reach the other end of the life spectrum.

The decimated younger generation will not want to spend their precious money to keep the “useless old people” alive. Old people will be catagorized as non-viable, non-productive, a huge burden on the taxpayer. Why waste tax and medical dollars on useless, old people?

nursing-home-graphicThe devaluation of human life will come back to bite the ones who selfishly called for abortion. They will feel the poisonous sting at the other end of the life spectrum as they are considered non-viable and a waste of money.

And all this is happening when many now call for “mercy killing” and euthanasia. The devaluation of human life will eventually make this not only legal, but recommended and praised, a patriotic duty. But just like it is legal to kill our youngest, it will soon be legal to kill our oldest?

What goes around, comes around. There is an ironic justice built in to the moral universe.

Welcome to our family Elizabeth Rose Ray. We accept and love you as a precious human being with an immortal soul and infinite value, made in the image of God.

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Tom Nourse February 3, 2009 at 4:48 PM

Such a sad state of affairs… how Partial Birth abortion can even be considered is beyond me, let alone ANY abortion. This is so disgusting I’m ready to vomit and I’m no weakling in the site of blood( I’ve been a deer hunter for years and can skin and gut with no problem) rather at the site of a human person, created by God in His Image and Likeness, ripped apart, gutted and killed for the sake of convenience… I think nothing will incur the wrath of God more and if He cries in Heaven, this must surely be the cause.
God help us all.

aep - Sao Paulo, Brazil February 3, 2009 at 5:35 PM

What a shocking picture! Miserere nobis, Domine!

God bless Elizabeth Rose Ray and all her family.

Ronald King February 3, 2009 at 11:53 PM

It is only through the Grace of God that we know the sanctity of life of every human being. Why are some given this Grace and some aren’t? When I returned to our beautiful faith Easter of ’05 after being away 40 years it was only because of God’s Grace. No human being could convince me to return. When God turned on the light of His Love there was no choice but to be in Love.
Why me? I never asked for it.
God is Love. Wrath is our word for the natural consequences of being outside of Love. GOD IS LOVE! He always calls us to HIS LOVE. The beautiful baby who was torn apart was deprived of love and those who did this and the mother who said yes to this do not know God’s Love. How can we show them God’s Love?
Steve, if you do not want to post this I understand. If anyone has a desire to confront me or discuss this with me, you can give anyone my email address.

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