Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Elizabeth Rose Ray – our 8th Grandchild . . .

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2009

photo. . . and some looney-tunes think it is OK to abort her, like the nut-case pro-aborts who opposed our Walk for Life in San Francisco and our new president. He even thinks it is OK to pull her body out of the birth canal before puncturing her skull and sucking out the brains so as to make sure she is dead before fully delivered (see picture below).

Well, I’m sure glad Elizabeth Rose Ray is safe and sound in the womb of my daughter-in-law Anna who abhors the wickedness of abortion. This baby will be born and able to appropriate all the potential God gave her at conception.

For those who don’t know what a partial birth abortion is — the procedure protected by President Obama and his “Catholic” vice president Joe Biden — here is a picture of the end result. Now you know what it looks like. And we call ourselves civilized!

fetusheadonside1If this doesn’t cause anger, disgust and a desire to “get involved” in the fight for life, then I don’t know what will.

The generation that brought abortion into the “legal” sphere in America will be surprised some day by the ironic justice of the old saying “What goes around, comes around.”

They devalued human life, calling the unborn baby “non-viable”, even non-human. Since there will be fewer babies born — because of abortion — there will be fewer taxpayers when the pro-abort generation gets older. There will be fewer tax dollars to support the pro-aborts as they reach the other end of the life spectrum.

The decimated younger generation will not want to spend their precious money to keep the “useless old people” alive. Old people will be catagorized as non-viable, non-productive, a huge burden on the taxpayer. Why waste tax and medical dollars on useless, old people?

nursing-home-graphicThe devaluation of human life will come back to bite the ones who selfishly called for abortion. They will feel the poisonous sting at the other end of the life spectrum as they are considered non-viable and a waste of money.

And all this is happening when many now call for “mercy killing” and euthanasia. The devaluation of human life will eventually make this not only legal, but recommended and praised, a patriotic duty. But just like it is legal to kill our youngest, it will soon be legal to kill our oldest?

What goes around, comes around. There is an ironic justice built in to the moral universe.

Welcome to our family Elizabeth Rose Ray. We accept and love you as a precious human being with an immortal soul and infinite value, made in the image of God.


Founder of the Legionaires. New Info?

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2009

Latest Update: July 2, 2009
Five prelates to begin probe of Legionaries in July

An apostolic visitation of the Legionaries of Christ will begin August 15, with five bishops conducting inquiries in different geographical areas, Vatican officials have quietly confirmed. Informed sources at the Vatican have verified the accuracy of a reporter by Sandro Magister of <i>L’Espresso</i>, who said that the five bishops charged with the investigation received their detailed assignments at a June 27 meeting with Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Secretary of State, and other ranking officials of the Roman Curia. After investigating the affairs of the Legionaries the five prelates will report back to the Holy See.

LATEST NEWS: 2/3/09; 6:30 PM Eastern:
New post on Catholic World News

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters Weights In

and a 2nd Time and again on 2/6/09 here quoting Fr. Thomas Berg, LC

Zenit’s Article

Latest from CatholicCulture.org 2/4/09 6 PM
Legionaries ‘cannot deny’ reports of Father Maciel’s misconduct

With multiple reports alleging that the late Father Marcial Maciel, the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, kept a mistress and fathered one or more children, a spokesman for the Legionaries in Rome conceded: “We cannot deny the existence of these facts but we can’t go into detail because we have to respect the privacy of people involved.” A former financial officer for the Legionaries told the New York Times that he routinely gave Father Maciel large sums of cash, for which no accounting was given.


As of this morning (2-3-09) the news is sketchy and doesn’t seem to be from primary sources, yet but it has been reported on several blogs that Fr. Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries, was living a double life. Here is what was reported on one website:

6a00d834515d1e69e200e5501a876e8834-800wiIt’s Out. Maciel is Out.
Today, Fr. Scott Reilly, LC, Territorial Director in Atlanta, Georgia, announced to all those who work in the Territorial Direction of the Legion of Christ, that Marcial Maciel had a mistress, fathered at least one child, and lived a double life. For this reason, the Legion is renouncing him as their spiritual founder.

But as a poster on my Discussion Forum wrote:
But where is the primary source of information? Upon glancing at the various blogs who mention this, I don’t see any links to proof of these statements by Fr. Reilly. I would expect to see a news conference or formal statement or letter from the current General Director to come out eventually.

The topic is being followed on my Discussion Forum here and here. It can be read at American Papist, Patrick Madrid’s Blog and others.

My Two Cents:
Whether Maciel did or didn’t lead a double life is important, if indeed this is true. However, I know MANY Legionaires priests, many who are dear friends of mine in Jerusalem, Rome, America and other parts of the world — and I will be teaching a semester on apologetics at their Regina Apostolorum University in Rome in April. Even if the founder lived a double life, it does not reflect at all on the great and noble men of the Legion around the world today.

I know there are other controversies concerning the order, but I am speaking of the many LC men I know. They are excellent priests, intelligent theologians and philosophers, and make up a great revival movement helping to restore the Church. I will continue to encourage and love these great priests.

As the American Papist wrote: “There are many good and holy Legionary priests. I have been privileged to know several. The sins of the founder ought never be visited upon their heads, ever. Similarly, the Legionaries of Christ serve the Church in many important ways, these good things they have done must never be ignored.”


Obama Picks Porn Lawyer for #2 at Justice

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2009

Fidelis Slams David Ogden’s ‘Obscene’ Record

Justice AppointeesCHICAGO – President Obama has made a major mistake and put America’s families at risk by selecting David Ogden to become Deputy Attorney General, says Fidelis, a pro-family organization.

“David Ogden is a hired gun from Playboy and the ACLU. He can’t run from his long record of opposing common sense laws protecting families, women, and children.  The United States Senate has a responsibility to the American people to insure that Mr. Ogden’s full record is fully reviewed before any vote on his nomination” said Brian Burch, President of Fidelis.  Ogden’s confirmation hearing is scheduled for Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Ogden’s record is nothing short of obscene. He has represented Playboy Enterprises in multiple cases, Penthouse Magazine, the ACLU, and the largest distributor of hard-core pornography videos.  He has opposed filters on library computers protecting children from Internet smut, and successfully defended the right of pornographers to produce material with underage children.”

To read the whole report on Fidelis, click here. For info on his confirmation hearings, click here (what a conversion!)


Steve Interviewed for Soul Food Cinema

February 3, 2009

SoulFoodCinema.com interviewed me to talk about making and watching movies. I was asked a lot about the stories and adventures associated with filming our Footprints of God series. Then they asked me what my favorite movies were and what I thought about film, cinema and TV today. You can view this excellent site related to […]

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