Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fewer Screwed up Kids

by Steve Ray on December 17, 2008

Children thrive in intact religious households, study finds
Children born into religious families are far less likely than their peers to experience educational or behavioral problems, a new sociological study has found. The new study, sponsored by the Family Research council, shows that American children who live with their biological parents and attend religious services regularly are five times less likely to be forced to repeat a grade in school. The children are also mentally and physically healthier than the general population. The study found the same dramatic differences occurring regardless of the families’ income, ethnicity, and educational backgrounds


Too Young for Brain Cancer

by Steve Ray on December 17, 2008

screen-capture-11A good friend of mine and the producer for Al Kresta’s Catholic radio show on Ave Maria Radio has brain cancer. He is working with my son-in-law Ben to start a young men’s group to help each other live godly Catholic lives and to be good husbands and fathers.

The long and short of it is that Nick is only 29. He has had brain surgery and chemo a while ago but his brain tumor has begun to dangerously grow again.

He had a seizure while driving his wife and 2 year old daughter over Thanksgiving and totaled the car. He will be undergoing more chemo and radiation shortly.

On top of the serious medical circumstances they now face financial burdens with co-pays and co-insurance. Nick has sacrificed a lot of worldly goods and prestige to work for Catholic radio and spread Christ’s gospel message. He has worked for Al Kresta and Ave Maria Radio for many years and as you might guess, Catholic radio is not the place to get rich.

Please consider giving something this holiday season to our friends who are now suffering with Christ in ways that few of us will experience. I just logged on to PayPal and donated some myself. He needs our help. Click here to learn more and to donate on PayPal:  (