2 From Ed: Copernicus & Science; “Catholics” for FOCA

by Steve Ray on November 24, 2008

From my friend and canon lawyer Ed Peters:

Copernicus: Motor terrae, solisque Stator

With your indulgence, I post a second item today, this time to make a lighter point: that ecclesiastical scholars are in the front ranks of those helping the world to better understand itself. News of the discovery of Copernicus’ grave in Poland, the canon lawyer who revolutionized astronomy, prompts my brief notice.

http://www.canonlaw.info/2008/11/copernicus-motor-terrae-solisque-stator.html (Link fixed)

Canonical options for dealing with Catholic legislative support for FOCA

The final wording of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) has yet to be set, but there is every indication that it will be the most radical piece of pro-abortion legislation ever proposed at the federal level. The near certainty that FOCA will be re-introduced (compounded by the increased likelihood that it will pass and be signed into law) means that, ready or not, Catholic bishops will have to face squarely the problem of well-known Catholic legislators supporting a specifically and gravely evil bill. As I see it, bishops have four options for dealing with Catholic legislators who support FOCA.

Read about them here: http://www.canonlaw.info/2008/11/canonical-options-for-dealing-with.html

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