Saturday, November 15, 2008

by Steve Ray on November 15, 2008

Like many other converts from Evangelical Protestantism to the Catholic Church I am forever indebted to the early Christians. I used to think they were Evangelicals until I read them and found out they were thoroughly Catholic. They dragged me into the Church kicking and screaming.

One Evangelical who wrote a book on the Church Fathers admitted in an interview that the Early Christians “were not Evangelicals.”

My conversion story Crossing the Tiber is FULL of quotes from the Church Fathers and my DVD Apostolic Fathers demonstrates how Catholic they were and how much I love those guys!

I just discovered a great website dedicated to the Early Christians and I highly recommend it. It is Go there and wander around. Read about the first Christians. Read what they wrote. If you are not a Catholic you will ask yourself why. If you are a Catholic, it will make you fall in love.

Enjoy! It is in both English and Spanish so recommend it to your Spanish-speaking friends.


Since we are in Italy with our group, I thought I would share this sad news with you.

After a two year stay in America, Michaelangelo’s David is being returned to Italy.