Mary, Saints, Worship & Salvation

by Steve Ray on October 19, 2008

Mary, Saints, Worship & Salvation
by Steve Ray

Catholic are often accused of “worshipping” Mary, the Saints, icons, statues and the like. “Bowing before a statue must certainly be worship,” says the Evangelical who has rejected images (only of a certain kind, as we shall see later). It may be inconsistent with his own practice, but he obviously has never taken the time to understand historical, Catholic and liturgical Christianity.

Have they ever asked the little old lady in her babushka if she is actually worshiping the statue in front of which she kneels? Does this holy and wrinkled woman in Poland believe she is worshiping the icon of the Black Madonna? Does the Mexican mother surrounded by her kneeling children consider her veneration of our Lady of Guadalupe the same as her worship of God? Of course not. It would only take a few such questions, should the wondering Protestant care to learn.

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Darroll Wiltz April 20, 2010 at 7:46 AM

My name is Darroll and I am a cradle Catholic who lives on the Island of Guam. Your website helps me defend our faith here on lsland on a daily basis. Catholics are consistently challenged in there everyday lives here.

Thank you very much

God Bless

D. Wiltz

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