Monday, October 6, 2008

Priestless Sundays and the Sunday Obligation

by Steve Ray on October 6, 2008

From Canon Lawyer Ed Peters:

A news story out of the Diocese of Fairbanks in Alaska describes an upcoming “priestless Sunday” wherein priests will be away from their parishes to serve remote missions, leaving their parishioners without Sunday Mass that weekend. I can see arguments for and against this unusual action and I don’t think that outsiders are in a position to conclusively support or reject the basic idea.

One point in the news article, however, needs to be corrected: After noting that Communion services will be celebrated in most parishes left without pastors, the article asserts that such services are “not Mass but will satisfy the Catholic obligation to attend Mass.”

That’s wrong. See why:


For Homeschoolers Only!

by Steve Ray on October 6, 2008

We starting homeschooling our kids in the early 80’s when it was still illegal in Michigan. We moved to the country, bought an old farm house and laid low. We could have had our kids taken away but we fought the fight and they turned out all right!

Now homeschooling is as popular as frappuccinos and double cheese pizzas.

In the first week of college the professor gave my daughter Cindy and A+ on her paper and wrote “Whoever taught you to write knew what they were doing.” Ah, such sweet vindication!

We thought that current homeschoolers would enjoy these two fun videos. We also have some links that might be helpful for homeschoolers here.

Homeschool Homies

A Homeschool Adams Family

I found out about these videos at the Maureen Wittmann Blogspot – worth a view for families, homeschoolers and fun people.