Friday, August 22, 2008

Gospel According to St. Paul

by Steve Ray on August 22, 2008

If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area, join us for the huge conference on St. Paul this weekend. Dr. Scott Hahn, myself, Michael Barber and Dr. Brant Pitre will give talks on many aspects of St. Paul’s life and teachings. For more info visit

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Pilgrimage or Cruise?

by Steve Ray on August 22, 2008

It’s not too late to join us in the HOLY LAND . . .
. . . f
ill the last few seats on our only open left trip in 2008!

Join us in November

Our St. Paul Cruise through the Mediterranean, Israel & Egypt . . .
. . . is filling FAST! Reserve your cabin now!
Join us in March 2009 on the Cristal
Follow in the footprints of St. Paul in the Year of St. Paul


Visit our Pilgrimage website at


Faithful to Catholicism or Academic Freedom

by Steve Ray on August 22, 2008

Thanks to Philip Platz who wrote to me:

I’m a pretty recent (within the last year) follower of your blog, but thought this may be of interest to you and your readers. In short,

A University of San Diego decision rescinding a prestigious position to a Catholic feminist theologian has thrust it smack in the middle of a national debate over academic freedom versus adherence to [C]hurch teachings.

Faculty and Roman Catholics are divided over USD’s decision to withdraw the appointment of Rosemary Radford Ruether to an endowed chair. At issue is Ruether’s position on the board of directors for Catholics for Choice, an abortion rights organization.

Two national women’s religious groups have sponsored a petition with more than 2,000 signatures demanding that she be allowed to assume the post.

USD is standing by its decision.

Now there’s a petition to get twice as many signatures (4,000) on the Catholic side of the spectrum! Many faithful Catholics want to support a Catholic University that takes a stand to keep its teaching and faculty faithful to the Church.

Sign the petition! (